Did you know that what you feed your pet can have a direct influence on his or her overall health? As our pets develop from kittens and puppies, into adulthood and eventually old age, so their dietary needs change. A huge amount of research has resulted in the concept of life-stage diets – with distinct diets for pets of different ages (or life-stages).

Puppies and Kittens:

Because of their rapid rate of growth need much higher energy levels, together with higher levels of protein, fat and minerals for the healthy growth of muscles and bones. The large and giant breeds require their own specially formulated puppy foods.

Adult Pets:

At physical maturity (which depends on breed and size), pets should move onto adult foods designed to suit the needs of active pets in the prime of their lives, maintaining a healthy physique, and keeping the digestive system, the skin and the immune system healthy. In Older pets specially formulated senior foods are ideal. These typically contain lower calorie levels and higher fibre, for the more sedentary pet, together with reduced levels of salts and carefully selected proteins to help the vital organs to remain healthy.

In summary, life-stage diets can make a real difference to the health and well-being of pets.