The health and well-being of our people and clients is paramount. Veterinary services are considered essential services by governments around the world due to the importance of the work veterinarians do in ensuring the welfare, bio security, surgical and emergency services for ill and injured animals.

Our waiting area is now closed

To help us remain fully operational we ask the following:

We’ve introduced a new process

  1. Arrival, please stay in your car.  Cats must be in a cage and dogs on a lead
  2. Call reception 453 0699
  3. One of our nurses will come out to you and explain what will happen next
  4. We’ll take your pet into our consultation rooms
  5. The vet starts the consultation, calls you for a history and to discuss a treatment plan
  6. Your pet is delivered back to you outside
  7. We will provide you with an invoice at the end and ask you make payment via your internet banking online


  • If your pet is being admitted to stay with us, a member of staff will greet you for admission and will follow points 1 – 4 above
  • Discharges will be given via the phone to support physical distancing

Boarding Bookings:

  • We are not taking any boarding bookings at this time unless it is an emergency

In case of an emergency

  • Please try to call us before arriving, this will ensure someone is available to help your pet

For self-isolation or unwell clients

  • If you are sick or displaying any flu/cold symptoms we respectfully ask you to not come into the clinic. We do not want to put our staff or other clients at risk so will not be consulting with anyone who has these symptoms. Please contact us if you require urgent vet care and we can discuss alternative options

Reduced Services

  • In order to help flatten the curve we’ve reduced the list of services we currently offer:

What we are seeing:

  • Pets with urgent and emergency issues
  • Puppy and kitten vaccinations

What we aren’t seeing

  • Routine visits such as routine weight control, grooming, boarding, nail clips

If your pet is showing any of these signs of dental disease please book an appointment to see one of our veterinarians. Early assessment and action can save your pet’s teeth!

Thank you for your ongoing support at this difficult time, we really appreciate it.

We’re in this together