Most cats love catnip. When they eat or even just smell it they drool over it, vocalize and purr and roll all over it and around it. Some cats become very hyperactive or very sleepy and occasionally some will get hissy and aggressive.
There are different theories on what causes these reactions, some scientists think the herb has an aphrodisiac affect while others think it creates an effect in cats like marijuana has on humans. But whatever the affect the majority of cats large and small feel it.
Catnip or catmint is the name of a common garden herb. It will grow from seed into a meter-high plant with small green serrated leaves and small lavender flowers just as long as a cat doesn’t find the plant. It was once used in human herbal medicine as a tea for headaches and sore stomachs and as a mosquito and fly repellent. Mice and rats avoid it, another good reason to have it around. So, the next time you want to see your cat having fun and acting like a youngster again buy him/her a catnip toy to play with or plant some.